9880 ink-set in a 9800?

I am wanting to invest in a set of ConeColor inks for my 9800.
Is there any reason why I can’t use the 9880 ink-set, with its ‘vivid’ magenta?
I already have refillable carts with chips for the 9800, why not just put the 9880 inks in?
As I understand it, the 9800 and the 9880 printers are physically identical, the only difference is in the expanded gamut created by the ‘vivid’ magenta in the 9880 ink-set. Therefore I should just be able to use the 9880 inks?

The only difference would be the profiles? Since I plan on using my i1Pro to make new profiles anyway, why not use the 9880 inks? Plan to use the 9800 canned profiles as a starting point and then create my own custom profiles? That should work?


this was answered for me directly by email support, thanks guys