9880 dead nozzle work around?

Hi folx, I’m reaching out to see if anyone has experience with this issue and possible solutions:
We have a 9880 with 1 dead nozzle, currently its filled with Piezoflush and refillable carts. We purchased an Piezo DN inkset but have not installed the ink because it is being discontinued. I’m wondering if anyone is running an Piezo inkset in a 9880 with a dead nozzle and has suggestions on A) which inkset to use for general Piezo printing and digital negs and B) a process or profiles to work around the dead nozzle. Cheers, Will

I replied to you on this one just a few hrs ago,

we’ll keep supplying selenium for a long time (2yrs at least).
You can remap the Cyan to LLK and run PiezoDN and Piezo K6 no problem.