9880 capping station replacement

9880 has been dropping the #4 ink channel for awhile. Any excuse. Overnight, gone. Go to lunch, gone. Execute a standard cleaning - perfect. I decided to get a new capping station assembly and replace the old one. Included in replacing the capping station I disassembled the Flushing Box and replace the pad. Printer is loaded with flush. After reassembling the right hand side of the printer I ran an Initial Fill.The nozzle check was pitiful for all channels. When I pulled the Maintenance Tank expecting to see a decent amount of flush, there was none to speak of. After executing a Power Clean most nozzles on most channels returned, but not all. Repeated an Initial Fill and still no flush in the Maintenance Tank. The Flush Box pad is red with flush, the capping station pad is nearly spotless. I have new pad and wiper so I could clean and restore the original capping station then put it back in. Seems maybe the included pump is not working? Wondering if I missed something during installation. Only 2 electrical connections and 2 hoses - all connections were made. BTW, no pool of flush on the floor - whew.

bad pressure, bad damper to ink line screwing (too much and this happens). It could be all or some of these.


Thanks. I had checked the damper to ink line for being loose, hadn’t thought about it being too tight. Just rebuilt the original capping station and will put it back in. Have spare pumps from 9800 I recycled. Hoping those will make the new capping station actually function.