9800 won't refill with ink after storage

Hi Walker,

Last December I replaced the ink in my 9800 with Piezoflush to store it. A few days ago I started the procedure to fill it back with ink. I reinserted the Epson ink cartridges and did two power cleaning cycles, then had to pause because I did not have a spare Light Magenta on hand and the one I had didn’t have enough ink. After the second power cleaning I printed a nozzle check and could see that it was still printing Piezoflush.

Yesterday I installed the new cartridge, did a third power cleaning, and printed a nozzle check. Same result. So I did a fourth power cleaning, this time there was no Piezoflush printing, nor any ink. Then I shut down the printer and did an initial fill. Again, the nozzle check was completely blank.

At that point I opened the cover and saw that the ink lines all still had Piezoflush in them, but with multiple air gaps in all the lines. Is that a pump failure?

I have the same problem