9800 with two clogged nozzles

I’ve got a 9800 I use for purely black and white printing with all black inks that has two clogged nozzles I’m trying to clear up. See the attached image; it’s channels Y and LC that have the clogs.


So far I’ve done two INIT-FILLs with Piezoflush, and “shoe-shine” cleaned the head twice. There’s still gunk coming off the head so maybe that’s still not clean enough.

The dampers are relatively new along with the wiper and capping station.

I was using some of the older bag-style carts with Piezoflush that seem to be a bit leaky to try and clean this and yesterday received a new set of new-style carts to replace them. I plan on filling those and doing another INIT FILL cycle to see if that loosens the clogs. Maybe there’s a problem with the older carts having enough pressure to dislodge the clogs.

Anyone have hints on what else I should be doing? At what point do I say screw it and give up?

If I give up can those channels be used for anything? Or are they pretty much toast with the single nozzle out on each?

One channel would work fine for MK or PK ink and the other channel would work fine for Gloss Optimizer or Gloss Chroma Optimizer. A single nozzle-out is fine for those two positions.