9800 with bad printhead



I found a 9800 near me for sale with a “bad printhead”. Are these printers easier to revive than the x900 series and are they more reliable?
Are the prints much less vibrant without the orange and green?
Thanks, Joe


Generally, the older model printers such as the 7800/9800 and 7880/9880 are more reliable and last longer than the x900 series, but I know from experience that Epson stopped making replacement parts for the 7800/9800, so you may not be able to get the parts you need to repair it.

No, there’s not a huge difference in vibrancy, as long as you’re using the proper profile for your printer/ink/paper/print settings combination.

Best~ Dana


Thanks Dana.
Compass Micro has quite a lot of parts listed for the 8900 and a new print head from Epson, still available, is only $600. Cheap in comparison to the $1600 they want for a X900 print head.
I’ll have to make room in my studio for the 8900 which will make 8 printers on hand. Great news for you guys!!! (please help me stop buying used dead printers)


Excellent, that’s great news! I recommend contact Compass Micro to make sure they can get the parts you need, as we ended up getting rid of our 9800 last year because they couldn’t get us a replacement ink bay for it (and apparently, the 9880 bay isn’t exactly the same, so wouldn’t work).

I hope you get many years of great results with this machine!

Best~ Dana