9800 will not except MBK cart URGENT HELP

I have just installed all 8 carts on my 9800.
First problem; I can not convert the gloss black compartment to Matt black. It does not recognise the MBK cart.
Second Problem, Now it is tell ing me that the Magenta Cart is non original along with the photo black cart in the yellow compartment.

They are all new carts. I have changed the MBK cart, In fact I now have two new carts. either one works. I have re set the chips.
I have entered into the menu of the machine , and followed the instruction on how to switch from gloss to matt. However, the 9800 is telling me i need conversion carts CMJ.
The manuel sur le internet is telling me the same?

Can any one help me. I have an exhibition which starts on Friday. I need to make 6 Large prints …

Thank you in advance


Just use the Gloss (PK) chip from the OEM cartridge.

Do the same. Take the Yellow chip off the OEM Yellow and put on the PK cart. (or just hit the pause button when the non-oem warning comes up and you can print).

I assume this printer is for Piezography? This is why you are putting MK ink in the black channel and PK ink in the Yellow channel?

You should just use the correct chips that the printer wants. Put PK in chip on the cart that has MK ink inside of it. Put Yellow chip on the yellow-channel cart that has PK in it.


Good evening mr walker.
Thank you for your quick response.
My worry after doing this, change chips.
The curve will not work correct.
It will think I have gloss in the Matt cart. See if I have understood correct. Therefor, my image will print gloss ?

Yes. I am on piezography P2

I will return to my atelier tomorrow . And let you know.

Can you give me advice on which curve I can use for awagami - Washi / Kozo thick white 110g .
If you please.

Many thanks


David, if I am reading your post correctly, you are attempting to switch from Gloss Black ink to Matte black ink. In order to perform this task you will need the C/M/Y Black Ink Conversion Kit.

Instructions are here: Converting the Black Ink Cartridges

Here is a product example for sale on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/p/Epson-T562A-Black-Ink-Conversion-Kit-for-7800-9800/1324824081 (Disclaimer: I have no material or monetary interest inthe product advertised).

Good Luck with your exhibit.

Using a PK chip on the MK cartridge is not going to change the print at all it will just trick the printer into thinking that it has PK ink in it so it won’t complain and you can just get to work. Keep MK ink in your black channel just put a PK chip on that cartridge. Keep PK ink in your Yellow channel.


There are three awagami curves from the Curves-HD folder.


Washi may require experimentation and ink limiting. We have these curves made for Pro ink but not for K7 exactly. Others on this forum may have this. The Piezography Pro toolset allows for the creation of this custom linearized and limited curve.


Yes. This is good. I am wanting to change the gloss to matt.
Thank you so much for this info. great help indeed. I will look into this after my expo.

Thank you again for your help

Kind regards


Good day Mr Walker.

This is great news once again. I must look into this !
Just if I may ask one more question ? I put the matt ink into the gloss compartment. With these curves, will I get my Matt finish, or do Ii need to install the ink cart kit ?

Kind regards


Mr Walker.
This chip change works perfect. the machine start to function correctly once again. I also read on your site, after many test failures. That i need to go into the program and ask the printer to fill the head with ink from carts. This is now working good. This afternoon , I shall make my first large print.

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate all your help and getting back to me with advice.

here is my affiche for my expo. If you are planning a trip to France in the next two weeks, with pleasure to see you here.

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