9800 says 1/2 full carts are empty

9800 registers every cart empty, while they are 1/2 full. Have run 2 init fill, plus nozzle checks. Is this a chip malfunction on these new carts?

So there could be a few things going on.

  1. If you’ve done two initial fills the third initial fill may not be able to run because the printer thinks there isn’t enough ink for the third fill. In this case it would show you a warning saying this. (is that what you mean by empty?)
  2. The epson carts are not showing as OEM (genuine) epson carts and therefore do not have the readings appearing on the printer’s panel even though the printer still knows the ink level as reported by the chip internally.
  3. Your third initial fill attempt (did you do this?) deprecated the ink level on the cartridges but did not actually complete the process on the printer (sucking ink out, etc).

If the first initial fill did not work there is something else wrong with the printer. Most likely something to do with the pump/cap assembly being dead or clogged, the dampers, or the ink pressure pump. Cleaning and inspecting those parts + doing a single power cleaning should get ink moving. I advise a chip resetter as your printer has gone past the single/second initial fill phase.

btw: the liquid level is not connected to the level reported by the chip and generally on these cartridges the chips allow for 2 complete initial fills. Initial fills deprecate the chip level faster and less accurately than if you simply printed the ink through the print head and deprecated the chip level by counting ink droplets.

Please let me know exactly when the “no ink” warning shows up. Are you able to simulate printing on this printer still or is it reading as completely empty (red lights on the ink LED). ?