9800 refillable cartridge questions

Hi - Three questions about 9800 refillable cartridges

  • I have a set of refillable cartridges filled with Piezoflush. I had them stored in their original plastic bags and in the orientation they would be in the printer for about three years, plugs in. When I came to use them again most had leaked a small-to-moderate amount of the Piezoflush. Seemed to be coming from the pressure port below the ink nozzle. Should I store them differently, like on end with the nozzles up? This is in my basement, so temps are fairly stable, 40 to 70 Fahrenheit would be the extremes, I’d guess.
  • One of them, when removed from the printer without first removing the plug, pisses ink out of the nozzle. Stops when the plug is removed. Is it faulty or does this indicate a printer problem?
  • I ordered an extra Black cart a few months ago. It’s longer than the others and has an internal bag. Did I see that these were a mistake and you are replacing them?
    Thanks, Ben
  1. I think you do want these to be end up in future.

  2. This could indicate an over-pressure issue with your printer. It should not be ejecting anything out of the nozzle end of the printer unless there is a block at the inlet spike of the printer ink bay. That cartridge may be damaged though. Look at the outlet spring (if you can). It should be straight. If it’s bent, it’s time for a new cartridge.

  3. Long travels across the world in search of a replacement mold/design for these legacy carts ended up with this. In short, it’s a new design.


Thanks, Walker!
1 - Will do.
2 - To be clear, the ink comes out of the cartridge, not the printer ink bay. The printer seems to work fine now I’ve put the regular carts back in. Does not happen with OEM cart. Can’t really see the spring - internal coil spring inside cart nozzle - but valve seems to close when I push it open manually. Will not worry about it as long as printer works.
3 - okay. Harder to see ink level with the bag but otherwise works fine.
All best, Ben

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