9800 Printing - Head Alignment


I’ve been working on printing digital negs with the Meth 1 inkset. I get good nozzle checks, in that all the lines are showing up, but I can see when viewing it with the loop that the Cyan channel is out of alignment. The other channels seem to be fine. The out-of-alignment is causing fine horizontal banding, which will show in the final print. I’ve done the head alignment several times now, both auto and manual, and there doesn’t seem to be any improvement. Without getting the printhead properly aligned, I won’t be able to print digital negs that are of high enough quality. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m slowly diving into un-replied-to posts that were buried by our previous forum software years ago.

Head alignment only adjusts the fire-timing of the nozzles. An out-of-alignment head causes vertical lines not horizontal lines. Most likely your issue is/was actually a paper feed speed and/or platen gab problem.

Generally I set the platen gap to narrow and the paper feed speed to -5 and the fan suction to -1 on for film printing on these printers. It eliminates most micro-banding.

These kinds of questions have been answered on our new and improved PiezoDN private forum for customers of the PiezoDN dig neg system.