9800 no ink from four left channels

I’m wondering if anyone might have a suggestion about a problem I’m having with my ancient 9800. It was working fine… then I fired it up after not using it for a couple of months. It boots up okay (except sometimes I have to remove and put back the left maintenance tank). It then appears to print normally - but there’s no ink coming from any of the channels in the left ink cartridge frame (LLK, LM, LC, LK). There is ink in the lines.

The other odd symptom is that the panel shows the ink level of all those left channels, and also the left maintenance tank, as exactly the same - about one-third full. I took off the left cover and no obvious loose connections. The circuit board on top of the left ink frame appears to be working - for instance the printer sees when I raise and lower the left ink lever.

About a year ago I changed out the left ink frame assembly and the cleaning/capping station stuff and it’s been working fine up till now.

Hoping someone has seen this and can give me clue where to look… TIA!

Also if anyone has a copy of the 9800 field repair manual pdf, I seem to have lost mine somehow. Thanks!


Try a power clean. A power clean recreates the vacuum pressure in the dampers which is required for ink to travel into print head

Thanks! Would loss of vacuum pressure make all the ink levels read the same?

A power clean will often help with ‘ink starvation’ issues which is what I would guess is happening when you say “no ink coming from left channels”
But no, a power clean shouldn’t have any effect on ink levels as shown on the control panel. I would think that is a separate issue? If you have old/spare carts lying around or can borrow one from someone, try inserting into ink bay and see if ink level indicator changes?

Good thought Neil, thanks. The levels do change, so maybe that’s a coincidence of some kind. Will try the power clean soon - busy week :slight_smile:

Late follow-up; the power clean worked! It took me a while to get organized with enough ink etc., and it took two power cleans to get it working. The first one gave me a few nozzles, the second fully restored the test pattern. It seems to be holding up over a week since.

Thanks for the suggestion!