9800 Maintenance Request 0040

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but have not found this question on the forum…Just got a “maintenance Request 0040” message on my 9800. After researching, it is my understanding that this indicates “Cleaning Unit end of Life”, and that you can reset the counter that determines when this error message is sent. I also understand that you can only do this once before technician is required. I’m about to follow the instructions for reset, and would greatly appreciate help. My questions is first, how long do I have before the second error message comes up? Second, and most importantly, I checked with Compass Micro, and it appears that any parts related to the cleaning mechanism are no longer available for the 9800. I’m not sure which parts would be required, (flushing box, capping station, pump assembly?), but I would be grateful if you could advise. I’ve been using this printer for piezography printing for quite a few years, and would really hate to see it give up the ghost.

I think it has a five mile life count. Aka, it has to travel 5 miles before it comes up again. It will mechanically fail before that though. Best to have a spare printer as backup. Just a carcass printer should do.

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