9600 carts not setting

I have just started my cone inks in my 9600 and the carts are not setting.
I started with two cone color carts, yellow and lt. magenta all other inks are Epson inks. The two worked
for the first print but then had trouble getting set with notice of “set ink cartridge”. I’ll reset and the magenta will set but the yellow will not try again and the yellow will set but then magnet will not.
I have noticed that there is a difference in the way the cone carts initially set to the Epson.
The Epson carts lock before locking the lever where the cone carts do not and need to be held in position until the lever is locked into place.I tried rechipping the carts with no success.

9600s are now almost 2 decades old and these carts are a slightly different design (dimension) due to patents.

  1. Make sure the chips have not fallen out. if they did there is a good chance that you damaged a sensor in the ink bay.
  2. Wedge a small amount of cardboard under the cartridge where it goes into the ink bay (this will hold it in place.)

Also. You can deactivate the chip counter.

### Turn off the ink counter on your 7600/9600

The printer will come Ready with a ‘O’ at the left of the ink cartridge status bars on the LCD.

The status of all ink cartridges will always show full.

This setting is written to the e-prom and does not change if the power is cycled.

Remember that with the big 220ml carts you would only need to use a chip resetter fairly infrequently.

This would be my own choice for our 9600.

Warning – getting this wrong could well mess up your printer, so do it at your own risk (this info is from Lyson and they won’t take responsibility for damage either!)

  1. Start with the printer powered OFF.
  2. Press and hold the PAPER SOURCE, PAPER FEED DOWN und CUT/EJECT buttons and power up the printer.
  3. When the LCD display shows ‘VIEW COUNTERS’, release all the buttons.
  4. Press PAPER FEED DOWN, until you can see SERVICE CONFIG on the LCD display.
  5. Press the SELEC TYPE button once.
  6. Press the PAPER FEED DOWN button until the LCD display reads ED MODE.
  7. Press the ENTER button
  8. The display now reads * X.
  9. Press the PAPER FEED DOWN button until the display reads O.
  10. Press the ENTER button, and the display will read * O.
  11. Turn the printer off.
  12. Turn the printer on.

The printer has worked like a champ. First issue id withe this transition of carts. The wedge seems to be working on the yellow but the lt. magenta still has

set cartridge signal. Not sure what setting chip count to zero will do. These are the 300ml carts. I’ll order a new chip to see if that will solve the problem.

Thanks for the info


Sorry for the late reply on this. Your email reply was stuck in limbo without notifying me.