7900 which is better / safer - InitFill or Multiple PowerCleans?

Hello, my first post here…
Read all concerning 9900 and 7900 topics.
I bought a second-hand 7900, that seemed to be OK (did the nozzle check and all), have not printed on, want to convert it to Piezography. I have done some more tests with original cartridges, but they are too empty to do serious cleaning, since some nozzles are clogged.
So, I received your empty carts and some Piezoflush today, to do the cleaning.
My question is (I suspect yellow channel to be like over-clogged (delaminated?)) should I go with the initial Fill or several Powercleans instead? And what is the procedure with Matte Black - since the printer is now on PK? Do I first fill/clean all channels and then make the switch to MK and do some K/LK separate Channel fill/clean? - And later on with filling new ink - is the procedure with MK the same?
This is of importance to me, to see which/if any Channels are dead to proceed with further steps, ie. to choose which Piezography to use in the Future…

You should go with the initial fill. Make sure your carts are all primed first. Make sure you’ve done the maintenance cleaning before hand (see video)

The intial fill switches the K inks for you.


Thanks! Will do that way!

So, I have done as being said, but:

  1. The Waste ink Cartridge seem not to have registered the ink from init fill being drained, since I had a flood of Piezzoflush on my floor - at about the Tank being 75 % full
  2. Had to do some more PowerCleaning after 2 days to drain coloured Piezoflush (rest Pigment)
  3. After converting from PK to MK I have printed a nozzle check, which was full Black - no Piezoflush! So I had to clean MK/LK Pair 6 more times to get the Full Piezoflush-colour Nozzle Check printed.

The printer is at rest now, have to figure out, what’s next (which system will I use in the future).

Started with 3 x 700 ml bottles of Piezzoflush - all empty, there’s about 50 ml in each cartridge left. Would be better to take 4 bottles…
Two Full WasteInk Tanks

So, the cleaning took me about 450 EUR so far, Cartridges not included.

I wonder what could it be - I am getting Imperfect Nozzle check, but the mising nozzles are not at the same place everytime?

This indicates a dirty wiper blade, head plate, flush bad, and generally a dirty right-side cleaning assembly.

Clean that as well, run 1 normal cleaning, should be good. Random not-same miss-nozzle is actually a good sign. It means you don’t have a delaminated head!