Hi, my 7900 has a serious VM clog-tried various cleanings + powercleanings = no vivid magenta with a nozzle check. I now have a new cart + piezo flush in the vivid magenta slot. I’ve made a magenta 8x10 tiff in photoshop and tried to print it with no problems… is this the right way to flush the piezo throught he lines?


To flush the VM channel with PiezoFlush, you’ll need to run an Initial Fill Cycle (which will charge all the channels at once, wasting ink in the other channels that are working well), or you can flush just the VM channel by using QTR Calibration Mode, as per our instructions here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?144-Print-Ink-Separation-Image-thru-QTR-Calibration-Mode (follow the procedure at the bottom of the page)


thanks Dana
I bought the QTR rip and have been setting it up… printing out of photoshop / QTR is so different than lightroom 5. I’ve followed the instructions but I’m missing something? because it is printing all the colours not just VM…



Hi Larry,

My name is Kelly and I will be filling in for Dana while she is away on Maternity leave.

Are you using the [U]M[/U] flush image or the 8 ink separation image? You downloaded the QTR flush images at the bottom of the page with the instructions correct? And are you using Calibration mode through QTR?

Please elaborate in detail your workflow to this point if none of the above questions help pinpoint the problem.