7900 to Piezo Pro Changeover Problem

Hi -

I’m changing fully serviced / new headed 7900 over to Piezography Pro and have run into a problem.

The printer was working fully, and printed cleanly in color for a couple days after service. Once all seemed stable and good, I went onto convert it to Piezo Pro.

I did an INIT FILL to Piezoflush, and all channels are printing except for VLM which is now completely blank. The other channels still have trace color, but nothing serious. I’m pausing here to get some advice. What is the appropriate, safe and expert “next step.”

In the past I’ve converted more donor level machines - so would have just run the cleaning, power cleaning and/or an INIT FILL again, but have not really run into one going completely blank before - at least not one that didn’t eventually end in head death. Definitely not on something just serviced.

I now have some suspicion about the cartridge itself as I had a similar issue with another machine I just sold. It already had 2 other bad channels, so I was not focused on the VLM issue as it seemed par for the course and life of that machine. (I have one dedicated set of Flush Cartridges, but do use them between machines.)

The cartridges were primed and VLM is just over 1/2 full with Piezoflush.

Thank you


Re-prime the cartridge and make sure it primes well. Make the fill level with a sharpie. Run 2x power cleanings on that channel pair. Look at the fill level mark. If nothing has lowered it’s either the cartridge or damper (most likely damper actually). If it has lowered than it’s a de-laminated head which CAN happen if the cleaning assembly or head was placed in at a bad angle.


Walker - thank you.

I’ll try that and report back.

Just to repeat or clarify - it was tested with OEM ink, and all was fine. It’s the 2nd changeover to PZF where we hit the issue. Also, it was official service, not my own replacement!


Walker -

To avoid the cartridge (hopefully) I sacrificed another (empty) cartridge, swapped the chip over to VLM, filled it with FLUSH, primed and did the 2xLM Pair Cleaning (Powerful). It showed minor ink drop. About the width of my sharpie line at most (a normal sharpie - not fine, not wide).

I then printed a nozzle check. It was not full, about 1/2 and semi random.

So I did a normal cleaning, and another nozzle check. It was blank again. Pausing here to check in again.

Pretty sure the dampers were changed - but would have to call to check. Definitely smelling the flush after running this sequence.


Ok, this indicates a head de-lam. :frowning: