7900 Refillable Cartridge

Looking at the instructions for the 7900 refillable cartridge I see that the one that is demonstrated is designed differently than the one I purchased from you on 12/02/2015 (Order ID: SO307468542). The one in the instructions has the chip on the side and the refill hole not the top edge, while mine has the chip on the top and the refill port on the back vertical surface. What are the differences in refilling the two versions? For example, there is no fill line that I can see. Also, my cartridge is completely empty, but the printer never tracked that it was out of ink. I learned that it was empty from the poor print quality that suddenly occurred halfway through a 24x24 inch print. Is it possible that I should have a cartridge with the chip on the side rather than the top, that the printer sensor is not aligned with the top mounted chip? My print project is dead in the water until I can figure this out. This is the first cartridge I have had to refill since I switched to the refillables so I need some specific guidance.

Hi Fredrik,

You must be looking at the instructions for a different model printer than yours. The written instructions as well as the video instructions for your model cartridge are located on the product page on our webstore here. You can read or watch how to refill the cartridge.

  1. You will need to re-prime your cart if it ran empty.

  2. The chip assumes that when it is reset that you have filled the cart with 350ml of ink. If you fill the cart with less than 350ml and then reset the chip. The chip can only reset to full (350ml). You will need to watch the level of ink in the cartridge itself if you do not have enough ink to refill it to 350ml, or it will run empty again.

  3. You will need to get the ink into your print head - because your ink line now has air in it. The only way to do this is to run the INITIAL INK FILL

You should be able to get up and running. Let us know if you need more help.

Thanks Jon. Yes, I was looking at the wrong instruction sheet. However, the cart described in the correct instructions has slight, but significant differences from the one I purchased, which confuses me. The chip is on the top, but located on the opposing edge from the one pictured in the instructions. Secondly, the fill hole is on the rear vertical edge rather than top as shown in the instructions. I have a couple of snapshots of the one I have, though I see no way to attach them here. Shall I send them by email?

I really need some help on this. I posted my previous response and question on the 13th. Please don’t let me get lost in the shuffle. I have to ship print to Ghent in June. Also I seem to be unable to upload image files to illustrate my issue using Manage Attachments. They are 2 jpegs, 33kb and 37kb.

Dear Fredrick. I PM’d you w/ my contact details,


Oh! Thank you Walker. I’m just learning how to navigate the forum. I wasn’t even aware of PM’s. I check for it.