7900 not recognizing refillable cartridges when turned on



E7900 with refillable cartridges doesn’t recognize any when initially turned on. I then turn it off and restart it and it then recognizes all. Is there something that I can do to correct this?


I had a similar problem with my 7900. The cartridges would not be recognized when initially turned on. I had to open and close one of the ink covers, they would then be recognized.

Eventually I did a firmware update and the problem disappeared. I would give that a try.


Thanks. I’ll try that.


I downloaded the updated firmware, but I don’t know how to add it to the
printer driver. Can you help?


You can update the firmware using the Epson LFP Remote Panel which should find the update or you can download it manually but you still need to use the LFP Remote Panel which you should have in you Epson Software folder.


You will need to put the Epson on an ethernet cord to do this and connect it to your modem/router/wifi unit.