7900 inks in R3000?



Hello there,

Like many others we had our 7900 print head fail. Re-evaluating our needs, we decided to scale down to a R3000. We have a considerable amount of ink left over from the 7900. I’m having a difficult time determining which of these are now compatible with the R3000, can anyone help?



Hi dzikakis~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased COneColor Pro inks for your 7900 in the beginning of last year. Provided the inks have been stored property (in our sealed bottles or carts, out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures), then you can use all but the green and orange inks in your new R3000 printer.

How many channels of the 7900 head aren’t working properly?

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana


Thanks Dana!

We’ve got one dead and a couple that have serious banding issues.


Bummer, I was going to suggest repurposing your 7900 to Piezography if you had 6 or more good working channels.