7900 Ink Charge with latest software download

I have just purchased a 7900, well taken care of, with cleaning fluid in the head. I have been told that the best way to flush the cleaning fluid is with an ink recharge. The latest version of the software, downloaded from Epson, does not seem to allow access to the maintenance menu.What is recommended by Inkjet Mall, holding down the three keys while starting up,does not work. I also have a 7900 “reclamation project”, with an older software disk.That software allows me access to ink recharging.I talked to Wells about this, and he advised not trying the old software with the newer printer, and to post the issue here.
It seems logical to me that the older software does not have “something” the new version has,and that using the old disk should work.I await advice. Thank you
Upon further reading on the website, It appears that I may have tried th wrong keys…duh! in the maintenance section,about accessing the capping station,it says press down the down button,the right button, and the center " ok" button.correct?

Yes, down, right, and center on startup will access the maintenance menu where you can do an Init-Fill of the printer.

Make sure you have carts registering full and a waste ink thank that is not full of ink already.