7900 Head Change or New Printer suggestions

It’s complicated because it requires a new head, new damper, and new cleaning assembly all together. These items need to be registered and calibrated properly after the swap-out. Cost of repairing is generally about the same as a P6000. IMO I think you would be good to buy a P6000. Finger’s crossed we’ll have a cartridge solution for this printer by the time your first set of Epson carts runs out.

It would be different for the 9900 as the cost of repairing this printer is less than the cost of buying the new version (P9000).


Hi All
Are there any thoughts, points to instructions/suppliers or caveats about replacing a print head on an Epson 7900?
I need my 7900 to work as an all color unit, so shifting to K7 or similar is not an option… unless the job of changing out the head is so costly and burdensome that it will be cheaper to buy a new printer.
With that, does anyone have thoughts about the Epson P6000 24" wide printers. I do not like working with Canon printers, and would prefer to continue with Epson + Cone inks. Is there any experience with maintaining these units, are there refillable carts available, and what’s the future for these kinds of units with Piezography (just in case I switch the machine to B&W/DN)? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am short on time and may need to bite my credit card… thanks in advance.

@pmalde On the off chance your 7900 lost either the orange or green channels you can run it with 7890 drivers and get full color (but not the larger gamut from the green and orange inks).

Thanks for the comments and thoughts. I have decided to convert this 7900 to K7, and (gulp) purchase a P7000.

Thanks Walker - I actually have a batch of Pro ink with me, so all I need to do is purchase some carts… inkowl has a set for the P-series, but don’t seem to include carts for green and Orange. I’ll keep digging around and report back.

If you have the $$ I suggest Pro ink with this printer model.


The 7900 will work with Pro ink with only 8 channels. (for dig negs and regular printing both).

I don’t think refillable carts are stable for P-series in US yet.