7900, Full Set of Cone Carts Not Recognized

Hi Dana,

Before paying the junk guys (seriously) for disposal of my late 7900, I thought I would load my spare set of Cone carts with PiezoFlush® and purge the little beastie (glad that she hasn’t been named and has no cute face or fur, wouldn’t be able to scrap hear, possibly would convert her to a sofa).

  1. loaded the PiezoFlush® carts: error, “no carts loaded,” both bays

  2. reloaded with old (ink filled) carts: all read as loaded

  3. replaced a few of the old (ink filled) with the PiezoFlush® carts: all read as loaded

  4. replaced a few more of the old (ink filled) with the PiezoFlush® carts: error, “no carts loaded,” both bays

By the way, I tried resetting the chips, even reset again with a second resetter from my collection.


  1. replaced chips on PiezoFlush® carts with the chips on old (ink filled) carts

  2. loaded the re-chipped PiezoFlush® carts: error, “no carts loaded,” both bays

Waddup eh?



Hi Don~

Have you tried pushing all the PiezoFlush carts towards the left? Sometimes this cartridge design doesn’t fit perfectly, which can cause a poor connection between the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor- causing a cartridge error. When this happens, pushing the cartridge towards the left often makes a good connection, and eliminates the error. We recommend treating all carts the same, and pushing all 11 towards the left. Some people have even added a wedge to the carts, and reported this gave them consistent good results, so I wrote a quick document with photos showing this wedge idea (attached below).

If after pushing all carts towards the left, you continue getting an error with one or more of the carts, then I suspect one or possibly more chips aren’t being read or working correctly- which can cause errors with other or all carts. To check the carts/chips- you can start with the full set of ink filled carts that are correctly recognized by your printer. Then, one at a time remove an ink cart and install the flush cart in it’s place, to see how the printer responds before installing the next flush cart, until the printer displays an error-indicating the last installed cart is likely the culprit. When you find the cart/chip causing the error, reinstall the ink cart in this position and continue checking the remaining flush carts. Let me know if you have questions, or what you discover, then we’ll be able to move forward to resole this for you.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Paper wedge 7900-RCS-email.pdf (71.2 KB)

Thanks Dana,

In January you and I worked through all the right-side-wedge stuff, but I thought this was different, never had all carts not recognized . Anyway, I followed your suggestions and have loaded the lines with PiezoFlush and have run a couple Super Service Cleans, no positive results. Going to let it soak for a few days and if there is no improvement will call the scrap collector.

I might continue to use my huge supply of inks in the 1430. They “expire” in April 2014, will they okay for use in the Artisan for a while?

Thanks for your great support, all the best to you and your company.


Donn Petelka

Hi Donn~

Ah, yes- I see we had emails (pre-forum) and you successfully got past a chip error by wedging carts to the left.
You say you have loaded the lines with PiezoFlush and done a few SSC cycles- so I assume you have resolved the “NO cartridge error” (what resolved the message- using a chip from your other carts, wedging all carts to the left…?)
It would also be worth while to replace your printer’s wiper blade if it’s over a year old- it costs less than $20, is very easy to replace, and plays a big rol in keeping your print head clean/working well.

Expiration dates are determined by 2 years after the manufacture date, which is the recommended time frame to use inks for the best results, but as long as ink is properly stored and regularly agitated, it can be safely used for up to 6 months past the expiration date, though longer than that is up to you if you want to give a try, we can’t guarantee the best results with expired ink.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile: