7900 Epson b&w Prints coming out a bit purple

Hello everybody. We never have any issues with our Epson 7900 printer at our studio until a few days ago when we started noticing that some prints were turning a bit purple and now is quite visible. We are working with Mac 10.12.6 and print mostly black and white images from a neg.

Things we checked or tried:

  1. The ink is good and filled up.
  2. Nozzle check keeps coming out perfect.
  3. Try 3 different types of 24" roll papers, Canson, Epson and Hanemuhle.
  4. Called Epson and were told to delete and download a new driver.
  5. Printed using Photoshop (photoshop manages colors) and LR and still purple.
  6. We are using the right icc.
  7. We print regularly and never had any clogged nozzles.
  8. we tried printing using Photoshop managers colors on PS, we also printed it on grayscale and RGB mode and finally we printed on preview.

Nothing but purple and we don’t know why neither does Epson :frowning:

Any help is welcome!!

Please post your settings with screenshots so we can debug it.

If you are doing B&W, are you using ABW?

What ink set are you using?


Doing errands. Will send it once I return to my studio. What is ABW? I am using your ink.

ABW is “advanced black and white” and is available as an option when you go to Color Matching and switch it from ColorSync to Epson in your printer settings menus.

Make sure you set “printer manages color” before going to Color Matching.


Yes I do believed try that. We also printed on lightroom and on preview which should print what it sees.

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With ABW, you have the option of tuning the color wheel of the monochrome print to “neutralize” it.

From paper to paper this may be necessarily, and from inkset to inkset certainly. We built this ink-set to work with color images on Epson paper stock with epson color ICCs, but the neutral end may need a bit of tweaking which is done in ABW mode using the color wheel.

It will take a few mins of test prints and then you’ll be able to lock in a setting that will get you neutral prints every time.


Hello Walker,

We were traveling now I will check all the things you asked me do to.

Ciao Walker,

Here is a sample of how purple my images are been printed and still not solution to our problem here :frowning:

Can you upload a screen shot of the ABW toning that you are doing?