7900 cycling after Inkjet Mall cartidge installed

I just installed my second Inkjet Mall 350ml cartridge in my 7900. The first one was installed with no issues. I filled the 2nd one just like the first one. After installation of the second cartridge the 7900 seems to cycle frequently. It maybe trying to draw a vacuum on the cartridge? I am not sure.

I removed the Inkjet Mall cartridge and reinstalled the OEM cartridge and the cycling stopped.

Any ideas are appreciated…

Dear Bob. Which 7900 cartridge did you install second? It may be an air leak which can happen from time to time. We can get you out a replacement for it if this is the case.


Hi Walker - it is the cyan…any tips on transferring ink? I just filled this cartridge of course…lol

Thank you for your help.

Replacement cartridge coming at you.

Simply put the funnel in the new cart, open the plug on the old cart and pour into the new. It will take a bit of time but that will work.


Perfect…Thank you Walter!