7900 Cone Ink Cartridge Error

I am swapping out all of my Epson factory carts in my 7900 with Cone Color refillable. For the orange cart I get the following error message…“Ink Cartridge Error, Replace Cartridge”. It’s a never used 350mm cartridge and I filled with 350 mm of Cone orange and reset it before installing. Not sure how to get it going. All of the other color carts seem to be fine.

I’m PMing you. We’ll replace asap.

I have a 7800 that has given me headaches with not recognizing cartridges. I have changed the chips but that does not necessarily work. I think the problem is that the chip is not making good contact inside the cartridge bay. I found that if I disengage the bum cartridge and then push it back in and hold the outside end of the cartridge either to the right or to the left and then let the level down. It takes trial and error and a lot of patience but it usually works.
I rarely get the problem with OEM carts. I wonder if the refillable carts might have slightly different dimensions with the result that chip is not making firm contact.

I’ve had the same problem with my Epson 7600. Wiggling helped a little at one point, but now I just can’t get it to work. I’m sure the cartridges are slightly different in dimensions from the OEM (they don’t get as stuck, first of all!). Hoping to get a reply from Inkjet Mall ( Case #3716: Set Ink Cartridge Error ), but haven’t heard back in a long time.

I emailed you on the case 3716 (sorry it fell through the cracks as I’ve been teaching, etc).