7900/9900 Epson Driver Advanced Media Control vs Custom Paper

Hi there.

I have mainly been printing on a 7900 with Piezography Pro inks using QTR. However I recently acquired a 9900 with full colour inks.

I’ve noticed on the Epson Print Driver the Advanced Media Control section including options like Paper Feed Adjustment, Paper Thickness, Platen Gap, etc.

With QTR, there are no driver options for these, so I’ve set them on the printer itself, using the Custom Paper types (1-10), taking a lot of time to optimise each paper.

My question is, with the Epson Driver, if I’ve set a Custom Paper on the printer, will the default settings in Advanced Media Control take precedence over the settings I’ve made on the printer itself? If that is so, what is the value of choosing a paper type on the printer if I’m using the Epson Driver?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Jeremy Stephenson

If the settings are made on the driver it over-rides the printer.

Qtr has no settings so it defaults to the printer. I always recommend never setting these things on the computer end. Always do it on the printer