7900-7890-not recognizing the carts



I’m using the older 700ml carts with cone ink on my 7900, which now has a permanent clog on my VM & C carts. So I bought a new 7890 and installed my 700 carts everything is fine except for my matte black & somnetimes my Cyan cart… printer won’t recognize the cart. I’ve reset the chip a couple of times & opened and closed the door as well & still will not recognize the cart… I’ve also pushed the carts to the left to no avail… every time I restart the printer & or open and close the door it also says my cyan cart is bad (sometimes)… I’m wondering if this new 7890 is smarter than my 7900, I know that’s impossible…
Any suggestions?


Hi Larry~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the 750ml refillable carts in Dec 2011. So, you’re saying the new 7890 sometimes doesn’t recognize the cyan and matte black cartridges, or always gives an error with these carts? What is the exact error displayed on the printer’s LCD panel for these two positions? Do you still have the Epson carts? If so, please install the MK and see how your printer responds (and if it gives an error with the cyan cart, if so what is the exact error), then install the Epson cyan cart to see how the printer responds.
It may be a slight difference in the printers, and the physical fit of carts. Have you tried a small wedge of paper under the arts you’re having trouble with, to force them up slightly for a better connection between the cartridge chips and printer’s chip sensors?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana


Hi, Dana
I used the 750ml carts in my 7900 with no problems till my VM cart clogged and I couldn’t revive it… I then bought a new 7890 epson, did the startup with the 150ml carts from epson… Yesterday I installed my 750 carts and that’s when the troubles started with the machine not recognizing the carts MB & cyan… After many chip resettings & turning the machine off and on again, the problem persisted. so last night I turned if off. This morning I turned it on and it recognized all the carts… I’m still thinking it might be time to buy a set of the 350 carts and a set of chips for the 7890 <just in case>
PS… the fit of the carts(750ml) seems tight


Hmmm… very strange, but I’m glad your printer is now suddenly recognizing all the carts, and hope it continues!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana