7890 with dead VLM channel


Without wanting too rude an answer, has anybody got any suggestions as to what can be done with a 7890 with a dead VLM channel using the channels that are ok?


I’ll bet the first answer you’ll get is to convert it to P2.

I would be curious if it could be converted to the Epson 1430 “K3” which uses just 6 inks, (5 colours and 1 black). The 1430 conversion still uses all channels, so I don’t know if the dead channel could be “shut down” in any way. If this is possible, other K3 printers could be “converted” as well.


as the 7890 has 8 channels (+ one switchable K) you have the option of making this a K6 + GO (P2 without the PK in the shade Y because it’s already just in the PK channel).

Is this already a Piezo printer or currently color?


When I acquired my 7900 with bad green channel I looked into ways to still use it for color. Turns out it’s as simple as using the 7890 driver. But one of the things I initially tried was modifying the Gutenprint driver for the printer. It was a fairly simple process as each printer has a configuration page where the inks are described. You could try this and omit the LM ink from the mix. Obviously you would need to make custom profiles, and your gamut will be reduced. Personally I would convert the printer to black and white, either through Piezography or just using QTR if you expect the printer to further die.

Just out of curiosity, do you have the auto nozzle check feature still on? I suspect that’s what killed my 7900 (before I acquired it).

Hi Walker.

The printer is currently using Cone Color Ink but converting to Piezo has already been accepted as the only viable option. It is just the know how that is lacking.



Thanks for the response. The auto nozzle check is off. I suspect the prolonged and, at times, vigorous attempts to clear the nozzle has led to a “fry up”. I think that a Piezo conversion is likely to be the best route but I confess to being in the dark as to how to go about the remapping.



Hi Larry.

You nearly won your bet. I too would be interested to know if the “K3” solution could be applied.



Here are a couple of posts where I have posted remapping spreadsheets. They won’t apply in your case without modification, but hopefully they’ll give you enough clues to see what you need to do: