7890 Replacement printer recommendation/advice

My 7890 now has three heads delaminated so it is good only for entertainment (seeing what color something it prints turns into). Time for a new printer. But which?

I am wondering if Epson has a 24" printer that either will well-avoid the delamination issue, or has user-replaceable heads. My needs are not high end photographic printing – generally I am doing commercial graphics (e.g., posters with type and with photographs embedded - so super resolution is not an issue) and they don’t need to be archival quality (however, the posters do show outdoors which means pigment inks, I believe). I do this as a hobby and to help local non-profits with their advertising. I would prefer to spend $2000 or under, but this isn’t a strict requirement. The Epson Surecolor line seems to be around that price point, but will I just get delamination again in a few years?

I would also consider Canon or HP printers if they are $2000 or under , but I am unfamiliar with their printer lines and which are intended for this kind of use (vs. blueprints/CAD vs. fine art).

But I’d also love to learn if Canon, HP, or Epson have printers for $1000-2000 that I should look into!

Thank you for advice.
Pointers welcome.