7890 Refillable Carts

I just recieved your refilable carts for my matte/glossy ink set. Question: Regarding the YouTube demos, are my 7890 carts the same as the 7900 series? One appears to have a bag the other doesn’t?

Regarding my 7890, will I be using a paper clip or syringe to intially fill the channel? Do both your YouTube large format cart vids apply, or is their only one I should follow for my 7890 carts?

Thank you.


Hi Ralph~

I looked up your order history and see you recently purchased a set of 850ml refillable carts, which are not the same as the internal bag carts in our video. Please follow the written instructions for this model cart, and if you don’t have them handy, I have attached them for you. The carts should be primed with the 10ml syringe and priming tip, not a paperclip.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Insert# 113- 7900,9900 + 7890,9890 800ml RCS-email.pdf (142 KB)

Thank you! I understand! I also think the second YouTube video applies then, the one in which you use the syringe? Thanks Dana

We have several videos on YouTube, and a few of them need to be updated with the current priming tool/procedure. Until we have made a video specific to the cartridge model you’re using, please follow the written instructions for filling, priming and using these refillable carts.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: