7890 questions

In my 4900 I have a full selenium set of inks plus carbon shades 2 & 3 and you sent a profile for selenium and one for carbon/selenium. I like the look of the selenium with the carbon in the shadows. In the 7890 can I duplicate that look by substituting the carbon 2 & 3 shades for same selenium shades?

Am I going to need custom profiles if I do this or will the standard profiles work?

Is there a maintenance program available for flushing the inks like there is for the 4900?


If you like the SEL/CAR split tone you have in your 4900, then you can certainly use the same setup in your 7890 to make larger prints.
You will need 7890 specific curves, as the 7890 and 4900 don’t use the same curves (since the 4900 has two more channels than the 7890). It may be possible to remove the OR and GR channels to be able to use your existing 4900 curve with your 7890 printer (since the two models use the same curve structure, just with two different channels).

Flushing information for desktop and pro model printers can be found here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?140-Flushing-Epson-Pro-and-desktop-model-printers-for-safe-long-term-storage-or-when-switching-inks, which also includes a link to initial fill procedures for Epson pro model printers.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

If I take out the selenium positions 2 & 3 and put in carbon 2 & 3 will the standard 7890 curves work?

Yes, the standard 7890/9890 curves will work well for any combination of Piezography ink tones, provided you’re using a full set of shades 1-7.