7890 MK Cart Not Recognized

Hi, I think I may have a bad chip on one of my carts (MK) that I just received a few weeks ago and set up this weekend. My Epson 7890 is set up, QTR is running correct, but the 7890 display is not recognizing the K7 MK cart. Nor will the printer allow me to toggle back and forth between my MK and PK.

Are chips replaceable on my refillable carts? If so, I need one sent out asap. All other carts are reading fine. I also rest the MK chip, just in case that was the issue. I am assuming the K7 MK goes in the 7890 MK slot.

Perhaps I can call to discuss more detail?


Hi Ralph~

What is the exact message displayed on the printer’s LCD panel? Did the resetter light flash red a few times then turn solid red or green when you reset the MK cartridge chip?
Yes, chips are replaceable, and yes, Piezography matte black goes in the MK carriage.

Please let me know so I can help you get past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana

On the display, there is an X mark over the ink cart (MK). It’s not recognizing the cart. It wont let me toggle back and forth between the MK and PK. All other carts are recognized fine. I do geta green light on the chip resetter. And I did make sure the cart were primed. When I go into the Epson print driver, I get a message to replace the cart. Can you overnight me two chips, I needed to start printing this weekend. I say two chips just in case I screw up the process. Do they lock in place or is it an adhesive process?

Or, do you think this could be another issue?

The message on the display is: INK CART ERROR, REPLACE CART

Thanks for the additional information Ralph. I am sending you a replacement chip today, which I will test in our printer to make sure it works correctly before shipping.

Occasionally, this model cartridge doesn’t have a perfect fit in the printer, which causes a read error (though, in my experience, this causes a “NO cartridge” message, and not the error you’re getting). A few people have reported they folded a piece of typing paper and placed it under the cartridge as they locked it into the printer, or applied a few layers of masking tape to the bottom of the cart (behind the locking area), and this made the printer recognize the cartridge and be able to print. You can certainly try that, and if it resolves your issue, you will be back to printing, but a new chip is on the way in case it’s not the cartridge fit, but the chip that’s causing your error.
We are in the process of testing a new model cartridge, which we feel has a better fit in the printer, and is the most similar to Epson carts in regards to size/shape, for the best results.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana

Dana - I was sent out the incorrect chips for my carts. I received a set of chips for the 7900, HOWEVER, I have the 7890 carts which I told the person on the phone, and which relates to my recent order.

The second issue is that my 7890 carts are different than the carts pictured in the online instructions and I cant seem to even find where they would snap on / off. Are we sure that my refillable 7890 carts are able to have replaceable chips?

I will send back the 7900 set via regular mail, but please fed-ex me the correct set on Monday. This situation started because of the one bad MK chip on my cart and I’ve already paid the Fed ex once for the incorrect set sent to me. Regards, Raphael

Hi Ralph~

I sent you a single MK chip from our VT location, which I tested in our printer first. The set of chips you ordered ARE correct for your printer (and were shipped separately from our warehouse location)- the 7900/9900 and 7890/9890 printers use the same chips, so hopefully you haven’t returned them yet!
To use the chips you ordered on your 850ml carts, you will need to remove the chip from the plastic base it comes attached to, then connect the chip to your cart using double sided tape- making sure the chip is secured flat/flush on the cart.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Dana- I thought I was purchasing the new carts, with a better syetm for chips. Who can I call?