7890 Matt / Glossy Recognition

As I ramp -up a new 7890 printer, I had to reset the chips on my new refillable carts for the printer to recognize the ink. I am working with a glossy / matt K7 set (that of course includes the GO)

However, my printer is only recognizing the PK cart but not the MK cart on the Epson front-panel display. So in effect, the printer isn’t recognizing the MK as it is the PK. Will and should the unit recognize both, at the same time?



It is normal for printer models that have two black cartridges/channels to only show one at a time on the LCD screen. This indicates which black ink mode the printer is in. If your printer is showing PK and has MK grayed out, then your printer is in PK mode.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana!

You are very welcome. Happy printing! :slight_smile: