7890 LK Cart Not Recognized

I recently did my first refill on 4 cartridges and forgot to reset the LK cartridge, it was fine when I initially installed just not reading full. I took it back out, it took two tries to get a green light and now I get a flashing circle with an x in it and a “Please Install The Correct Cartridge” error message. I have tried most of the tricks I found on here along with the three thickness of paper on the bottom of the cartridge that fixed a different cartridge.

I am also having problems with the small plastic panels on the right side of the cartridges staying on.



Hi Cort~

Is there any chance you accidentally installed the LLK cart in the LK position? Have you tried pushing all carts towards the left after locking them into the cartridge bay, then closing the door? Have you turned the printer off for a minute, then back on?

I’ve never experienced or received other reports of the side plastic panel coming off these carts… is this happening with multiple carts? The side panel has plastic tabs that secure it to the main cartridge body- do yours have the plastic tabs present? If so, and you push the panel onto the cart, does it come loose easily? The side panel is just there to protect the thin membrane underneath, so if yours isn’t staying snug on the cart, maybe a few drops of glue, or small piece of tape would keep it secure?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

I didn’t remove the LLK cartridge, just the Yellow, Magenta, Light Black and Light Magenta for refill. LK read fine when reinstalled but stopped working after resetting the chip.

I have tried all of the solutions you suggested, most several times, no luck.

The plastic sides on almost all the cartridges I got are coming lose and were causing some issues getting the cartridges in and out. Some of the pins have broken off and I have started taping them on which seems to solve the problem.

If you think it is a chip problem I will go ahead and get another one.



Thanks for the additional information Cort.
I will send you a replacement LK chip, but recommend you have a set of spare chips on hand, as chips can wear out over time or get shorted out from static/electric shock, and it’s much better to be able to quickly replace a chip when needed and resume printing, without having days of down time waiting for a new chip to arrive in the mail.

Best regards~ Dana

If the chip comes on a plastic base, you will need to carefully remove it from the base and attach it to your cartridge using double sided tape. Always make sure the chip is secured straight/flat/flush on the cartridge before installing the cartridge into your printer

I went ahead and ordered a new chip earlier and Wells was going to see if they could ship it today.



I already processed the order, and it was sent to our fulfillment house, so looks like you’ll be getting two LK chips!

You might want to rethink the chip mounting and replacement instructions. This is a rather delicate job and I would be ordering a new cartridge if I had done what my initial thoughts were.

For those of you that have never done this. Your initial thought may be to cut off the two small plastic tabs holding the chip on, DON’T DO THIS! Although the instructions say to use some double sided tape to fasten the new chip in place there is very little under the chip on the cartridge for the tape to adhere to. Under the chip is a hole just slightly smaller than the chip. The two plastic tabs are all that you have to hold the chip in place and if you cut them off you will be buying a new cartridge.

With an Xacto knife I careful pried up the end with the round plastic tab, the end with out the contacts. When it was just high enough to clear the tab I slid the whole chip back off of the longer tab in front.

I put a small amount of double sided tape on the chip on the end with the round hole and carefully trimmed the tape away from the hole. I slid the front end in place and pressed the back down over the round tab. It is s fairly simple task but is delicate and you can’t rush it.

I reset the chip and Eps now sees it as a full cartridge.

Thanks Dana for your help.

Hi Cort~

I’m glad you were able to replace your chip, and resolved your chip error.

What chip replacement instructions are you referring to? The ones currently posted for this model cartridge is for the older style carts that use chips on the plastic base, and needs to be updated for the newer cartridge design, where the chips are attached directly to the cartridge.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana

The instructions you gave here about using double sided tape to hold it in place, there is very little to tape it to since the underside is open. Honestly I don’t see this fix lasting long term since there is no real way to securely attach the chip to the cartridges.

Hi Cort~

Today, I took several of these carts, and pried off the chips. Yes, there is just a small rim of plastic under the chip, where the two plastic points are located (on the top and bottom edges of the chip). The original chips are secured to carts with double sided tape, which seems to hold the chips in place well. Inspecting the original chips, I see the double sided tape covers the center black area, as well as on top where the hole is that helps hold the chip in place. Yes, the two plastic nubs are important for both helping to hold the chip on the cart, and also for proper positioning.

Best regards~ Dana

Having a similar problem with another cartridge, the LC this time.

Hi cort~

What is the exact message displayed on the printer’s LCD panel with the LC cart?
Chips can short out from electric/static shock or go bad over time, which is why we recommend everyone have a set of spare chips on hand, so a chip can be quickly replaced when needed, and printing resumed without downtime of waiting for a new chip to arrive in the mail. If you have already tried removing/reinserting the cartridge, pushing the carts towards the left in the cartridge bay, and turning the printer off for a few minutes to reset, and continue having an error with the LC cart, then I suspect the chip needs to be replaced. It would be good to get a whole set of spare chips to have on hand, in case any other chips need to be replaced in the future.

I hope this helps, please let me know.
Best regards~ Dana