7890 color shift

My reds in the 7890 are reading really orange, it doesn’t matter which profile I print with, I recently updated the printer software and I now have snow leopard and I have PS 5. I read that there was no , no color management option but I believe i still have the option to select no color mangement option . I am not in front of the computer. Am I missing something. ANy ideas? thanks

Hi Liza~

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the set of 7890 refill carts and ConeColor ink three years ago, have purchased additional ink bottles since then, and I have made you a few custom color profiles.
Did your reds recently start printing orange, or have they always been this way?
If your reds used to be correct red, and recently shifted to orange, did this happen after you updated your operating system and print driver, and/or had the printer sat unused for a while?
How often have you been using your printer vs. how long does it sit unused?
Are all channels fully printing in your nozzle check?
When did you last refill carts?
How often have you been agitating ink carts?
Are you getting the same results with both the custom profiles I made you, and standard Epson profiles?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

have been printing a lot of black and white on the printer but I have been doing color but not with a prominent reds and or orange
I think it happened after updating driver (I updated operating system over a year ago) so I don’t think that is it. I guess I could print a copy of a print before but it doesnt have strong reds
I updated because I have terrible problem with using sheet paper jamming even changing platen , epson recommended I updated , I still get paper jamms? any help on that would be great, I do put weights on my paper but it is not a realistic task for me for test prints…My humidity levels are good
I don’t use this printer every day but I do run it every 2 weeks or so.

Nozzle prints are beautiful

I refilled about 2 months ago. I bought the monster size by mistake so it takes awhile to use them up. I top them of every coupe of months maybe a mistake…
I remember to agitate
I am having the problem with all the profiles I have tried photo rag and epson fiber your profiles, canned profiles the reds are way off

so it real feels like changing driver created this mess,

My only other thought but I real really doubt his is I might of put magenta rather than vivid magenta in cart (the carts are labeled magenta) but as I have done this in the past I really really doubt it and why would it show up now?

I tried printing from may lap top same results, I think something is up with my inks . This seems like a really expensive fix. Should I statrt by replacing with 7900/9900/7890/9890 350ml refill cart and 350ml ConeColor Pro Vivid Light Magenta? thanks

Hi Liza~

Thanks for the additional information.
It’s good that you agitate carts, but about how often?
Since I made your custom profiles years ago, I think it would be best to try making a new custom profile before replacing your inks, etc…
Do you still have the targets and printing instructions?

Please let me know~ Dana

Great good idea. I go agitate when I remember by moving printers , maybe once a month or every two months.

I have them from 2011 is everything as before, I have instructions?

After printing the targets for the epson fiber paper I am wondering why we are doing this , I would need targets for all my papers, (though there are really only two),

Do you think it is because I have the mammoth carts and I have been topping of rather than letting them empty and than refilling. I did this method with the thought that I was keeping the ink as fresh as possible by buying smaller bottles every once in awhile rather than going a year or more and than buying bigger refill bottles. Do you think I have some how altered my inks by buying inks from different batches. It is all rather weird to me…

Thanks for the additional information.

Inks should be agitated more like every week or two- every month or two like you have been doing is not often enough. I agitate inks in our 7880/9880 printers by quickly rolling each side back and forth several times, and watch the ink slosh around in the carts to know the inks are being well agitated, but I don’t do this with our 7900/9900 printers because of the printer and cartridge size- with these models I remove carts, then quickly tilt up and down several times to agitate ink in each cartridge.
Keep in mind that pigment settles to the bottom, and looking at your order history, I believe you are using the older 700ml internal bag cartridges (correct?), so ink is drawn from the center of the cartridge and not the bottom like most other model carts- therefore if your pigment is settled to the bottom, you’re drawing in thinner ink with less pigment, which can certainly effect the color and quality of ink output.
If settled pigment is your problem, then it’s typically resolved by removing and thoroughly agitating all carts, then doing an initial fill cycle to purge settled ink from the printer’s internal ink lines and get full density ink from the shaken carts to the print head. BUT- if you have been printing a lot with settled ink, then the pigment/solvent ratio is off, and you have been printing with more solvent than pigment- therefore if you agitate now, it may not be exactly the way it should be (that would be more pigment than normal).
**Keep in mind, this is just a FYI- without being there to see your carts (seriously settled ink will show noticeably thicker pigment on the bottom of carts) or know the overall history of agitation, use, etc… I can’t know from here if you are experiencing this, but wanted to give you the information and explain the importance of regular agitation.

Yes, the instructions for printing targets is the same- no adjustments to the target images, and printed with absolutely NO color management and the specific settings listed in our instructions, depending on if you’re printing on gloss or non-gloss paper. My offer to make you a new custom profile is a test, which is why I suggested we try one to see how/if it effects your output and corrects your red problem. If it works, we’ll make new profiles for the other papers you’re using, but if it doesn’t work, then I suspect you’re dealing with settled pigment from infrequent/insufficient ink agitation.

We carefully test every batch of ink for quality and consistency, so there’s absolutely no problem mixing different batches of ink together- as long as you’re careful to fill/refill the correct ink into each cartridge, and shake the ink bottle before filling/refilling carts (as well as regular agitation of the carts themselves between refills).

Best~ Dana

Okay , I will pop targets in mail and go from there. I made them before reading your email. Do I need to make them again? I will wait to hear back.

Yes I have the bag 700 ml.
I have been agitating by moving machine I think as per one of your video. Are you suggesting that I take each cart out each week and move back and forth? The carts I have sometimes give me trouble with reloading them. They don’t always catch, a mechanical difficulty,ie they don’t make that wonderful snapping sound that makes you think they are held in place, I have had to fuss with them for awhile to get them to catch. Thanks meanwhile I will look for settlement. I really have been running machine and agitating I think more or less monthly.

Dana, I am beginning to think I should I should just replace the 700 ml carts I got from you all with 350. I see you don’t sell them anymore. Is there a reason for this? I am thinking the 350 would keep my ink fresh.( I ordered 700 ml not realizing there was a choice, a mistake I see now) Is there away I can replace certain colors slowly to keep cost down?

Hi Liza~

When we made the large format refill cart video before the 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 printers were released, so that video is referring to the large format carts/printers that we had at the time: 4000, 4800, 4880, 7600/9600, 7800/9800, and 7880/9880. Especially with the internal bag carts, I think it would be best to remove carts to agitate. I tried rocking our 7900 a few times but thought it was too difficult/heavy and didn’t feel it agitated ink in the carts as well as smaller/less heavy models. I also think the internal bag carts need a little more agitation than non-bag carts, since ink can’t slosh around inside the bag as easily.

Thank is certainly up to you if you decide to use smaller carts. We have had a few different cartridge designs for the 7890/9890 and 7900/9900 printer models over the years. We felt the 700ml internal bag carts worked great, but it’s a large volume of ink, and some customers complained it was expensive to refill the carts, which was why we now carry 350ml non-bag carts.
Yes, the current 350ml non-bag carts will work well in combination with your current carts, so you can certainly install one at a time to transition to the new smaller size carts. I recommend rinsing out your 700ml carts with distilled water, and keeping them in case you need/want to flush out your printer in the future- you could use them as flush carts.

Best~ Dana :slight_smile:


I haven’t heard from you as targets so I guess that means I should mail them as is? Liza

Sorry I Missed that question Liza, yes- please go ahead and mail the targets you printed, and I’ll email you the resulting profile to see if it corrects your red problem, and we’ll move forward from there.

Best~ Dana

I just looked over a conversation I had a while back with Dana , my printer has been offline because of a family crisis for 2 years. So here I am ready to trouble shoot this once and for all. As per Dana, she recommends the profile also