7880 v 7900?

So if one was able to find a fully functional (i.e. all channels working), relatively similar use, and at similar prices which model would your purchase for piezography (specifically for the new released Pro inkset)?

I also remember that Epson had particular problems with the heads on the XX90 (e.g. 7890, 9890) printers? I am not asking about this model (unless my memory is faulty which is a possibility :-)! ).

thank you!

The 4900, 7900 and 9900 have definite printhead reliability issues with EPSON color inks.

The Piezography Pro inks are formulated to a significantly higher standard than the mass manufacturing of the OEM inks.

We would actually recommend a 7900 over the 7890 or 7880. :slight_smile:

And if you can find a free fresh 7900 with one clogged color channel - grab it and convert it to Pro using dual quad instead of dual quint.

Thanks Jon! Same recommendation for a K7 config? (I assume that I could use the Pro inkset for PiezoDN pos/negs by going through the steps outlined in the manual?)

Yes with K7 you can get a 7900 with up to three bad channels. But you do not want one that has been sitting for too long. 1-3 months usually ok. And PiezoFlush can often bring back the bad channels.

We will soon release PiezoDN Curves for the Pro inks. Currently there is no starting PiezoDN curve other than here in-house at Cone Editions. This is on our next update plans.