7880 v. 7890 maintenance cart(s)

Can someone confirm the following…

Although the 7880 and 7890 use the same Epson maintenance cartridge (#C12C890191 / PXMT2 – https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/385017-REG/Epson_C12C890191_Ink_Maintenance_Tank.html ) each printer uses a different maintenance tank chip resetter as sold on IJM?

It also appears that when replacing the chip module on the maintenance cartridge there are two different chips?

These are different printer models but they share the same Maint tank. HOWEVER, the 7890 requires the specific 7890 maintenance tank chip resetter for it to work while the 7880 only requires the general 7880 chip resetter.

One trick (if you have both printers) you can take a 7890 Maint. tank, reset it with the 7880 chip resetter, put it into the 7880 and run a cleaning, and then put it back into the 7890 and it will work. Something about the Epson encoding of the chip makes the newer generation of printer accept it. Otherwise you need the specific 7890 Maint tank resetter to get the job done.