7880 service error 00010014

Just starting Cone ink conversion on 7880 so this will likely be the first of many postings…

After loading the piezoflush carts I’m getting lots of distressing flashing lights and service error 00010014 (something to do w/pressure?). When I reload the epson carts everything is fine, except printer no longer recognizes photo black (but whatever). After checking the chips and silicone fill caps, I reinserted the piez carts several times and still get the service error message.

I did test the printer out before the conversion and it seemed to be working fine.

Any advice would be most awesome.

Could that pressure code mean you forgot to put the little cap in place to seal the cartridge - or that you didn’t put it in snugly - or didn’t get a cartridge in straight ?

Thanks for your reply Kenneth. I checked all the fill caps on the end of the carts and they seem pretty secure The only other caps I encountered are the big orange ones that say remove - which I did, but maybe they go back on after the cart is filled? (yes, I read instructions but the carts in the video etc., are a different design). Also reloaded each cart and they are snug & straight. Still getting error message.

Gorgeous images on your website. Your tech page is also very cool. Infra-Red Monocular - Yes!!

There is a small bag of o-rings that came with your cartridges. You will need these! Put a black o-ring on each pressure fill inlet (where you took the orange rubber cap off) and gently gently pul the cartridge back in. This will seal the air-pressure system correctly to the printer.

let me know how it goes,

Thanks Walker, I’ll try that when I return to my studio next week. However, I only received O rings for one set of carts, I will need another 9 (there were only 7 included in my order) in order to have one for each cartridge.

After applying the o-rings I am still getting service error message 00010014 on my 7880. I have reinserted the cartridges several times and continue to get this message. The o-rings fit pretty loose over the pointy Air Inlet Hole and often fall off inside the cartridge slot (I fish them out with a shish kabob skewer). This seems odd. Am I putting the o-rings in the correct place? Is there anything else that could be wrong here?

Dear Miss Lucy. Can you Private Message me your order number? We’ll get you a new cartridge with a fatter air inlet.


Thanks for your response Walker. Attempted to PM but apparently your message box is full.

I received 2 sets of cartridges (order #368-SO307472028) for converting to cone inks. I have filled one set with piez flush and am not having any luck getting the printer to accept the carts. I have not attempted the other set as I am hesitant to fill them with ink and have them fail as well. Both sets look identical.


Teri Havens

I received the first set of new cartridges today and they look identical to the old ones.
The air inlet hole appears to be the exact size and shape - the O rings still fall off.

Is the design difference really subtle?

That was an error on our part. Getting 2 sets out today.