7880 service error 00010005



Please help, My 7880 keep flashing 00010005 error every turning it on after initial ink charging. The whole head carriage still moves during initializing yet it stops at the end of ink charging process. I goggled that SE 00010005 = CR motor out of step.

I’ve tried the Self testing menu for CR encoder sensor test, somehow it moves but also prompted error 0001001D = CR servo parameter error.

Thus anybody here experienced this kind of trouble? I suspected that the CR board may be busted or the CR Motor ?

The film strip, belt, cutter is OK . . . what parts may seems causing this errors?

Thanks in advance


I would recommend purchasing the repair manual through 2manuals.com and try to diagnose through the trouble shooting section of the manual. http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=882


Thanks, hope its an updated one since i got the service manual already yet it just full of technical descriptions no details procedures.


You need to reference the Troubleshooting based on panel message section of the manual, scroll until you find your message and select the Page for Troubleshooting. This will bring you directly to the service call that you selected so you can then perform diagnostics.


I’ve done the Self Test on Edge Sensor and the result is NG (not good) . . .
13 0F B8 24 E8
28 28 28 FF NG


Having same error message after replacing dampers……everything worked fine before replacement……starts but will not complete initializing….tries but seems to be stopped as it exits the right side (capping station). Is there any other other advice or experience with this situation.



Hey John, I had no luck after all the efforts. Nevertheless, i change the printhead and it works again. I think the problem is the flex connector in the printhead, somewhat i may have shorted it during the cleaning process.