7880 "old" vs. "new" carts

Just wanted to check before I fill these carts.

I recently purchased four carts for the 7880 (RCS-7880-LK, LC, C, and VM). When I compared these to my new old stock (i.e. not yet used) they are larger and different. My new old stock carts are RCS-7880-MK / MK-T6128, -LVM / LVM-T6046, -Y / Y-T6044, and -LLK / LLK-T6049. The internal chambers are different and the recently purchased carts are slightly longer.

Are there any issues with my new old stock carts compared to the recently purchased carts?

thank you!

I should add that I have a set of the “old” style filled with flush and installed; and have not had any problems in the 7880.

The mold we were using on the old style carts got old and not reliable so we were forced to move to new designs. The new style carts are stable.

This is generally an issue with legacy printer cart models (when a model becomes a decade or more past date).


Thanks Walker for the quick reply.

I understand how molds wear out… And so are my, unused carts, not reliable? Or was the mold no longer viable and therefore that was when you switched design? And therefore the old carts are still usable?

Your old carts are good!!

We just needed to change molds to make new carts to sell.


Perfect! Thanks again!