7880 new bag cartridge 'replace cartridge'

Hi, I’ve moved from a set of WN old style carts to a new set with the P2 selenium ink set.
The new carts needed 2 new chips (which I borrowed from the old carts) to be recognised. I then went through a process where other carts wouldn’t be recognised, I’d remove and install, they’d be recognised but then others would need replacing, in a random manner.
Finally the carts are recognised, however now I just get the ‘replace cartridge’ message, but none of the cart indicators are flashing or showing 'X’s. All indicating empty.
My chip resetter isn’t working to clear them - any other ideas?

I have the same problems with the R3000 in spite of practically memorizing the directions from IJM. I’ve had to learn to live with indicators showing near empty levels after filling an empty cart; I check the ink levels during my weekly cleaning of the printer. Whenever the printer shows cart not recognized, what has worked for me is to simply pull the cart out and re-seat it; and, I’ve always been able to resume printing following this approach.


These cartridges (nor any Epson cartridges made by epson or anyone else) do not have ink level sensors that measure ink amount. Refilling a cartridge does not reset the chip. On the R3000, waiting until the chip resets itself (and pauses the printer) and then taking the chip out and putting it back in is the reset procedure (as explained in the instructions).

Re: 7880, this seems a problem with your resetter. I suggest taking the chips off your old carts and put them on the new carts (or use your old carts). I’m letting Wells know to send you a replacement resetter.

Even better, if you have a set of OEM carts around, use them Epson chips. I’ve done this in the past with this printer to great effect.


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I’m going to use my old carts, I’ve emptied and cleaned them out, waiting a few days to make sure they are dry and then decant the new ink into them. Just to clarify once I have the carts recognised, if I get the replace cart message it’s because it thinks a cart is empty and I need to reset? In which case I reset them all?



If it tells you to replace the cart, you just need to reset that individual cart. But if you can’t tell which, then yes, reset all.


New resetter on way.

 cheers Walker, thanks for the help

Chip resetter sorted it out, new carts fine with a shim of cardboard under the carts as my ink wells are a little ‘baggy’
All sorted!