7880 internalbag design

Hi Inkjetmall,

I just ordered your piezography pro inks and am getting ready to charge my 7880, but low and behold the cartridges you shipped me is some different internal bag design - not what I’m used to. I’m reading the filling procedure you send me and somethings seems off.

This is the cartridge I received:

The instructions I received seems to be from a previous design than the one I received. Anyhow using common sense I’ve filled it as made sense on the new design. However one thing that concerns me is this:

Point 7 from the instructions, page 3 (instructions from 01/30/2018): “These cartridges contains bags, which must be TOTALLY filled with ink and ALL air removed before installing into the printer…”

Well I filled all of my 350ml ink and this is the result:


According to the instructions I’m supposed to prime this one with the cartridges standing upright. Seems like I’m 30-40ml short of being able to do that. When I try to prime I can see air is reducing (i.e because the bag is contracting). I just wanted to know if this is ok? It’s not what is stated in the manual. (It sais it has to be FULL). I’m a bit surprised that you need more than 350ml ink to get started using these cartridges.

My intuition would have me prime it in this direction, but I do not know if that is correct either:


Looking forward to your advice. Just want to be 100% sure before I proceed!

If you look at the instructions they are for two types of cartridges. You have the second type and should skip to the instructions for that type.

This is on the first page. While it may look like you have a bag inside your cartridge it is only an air-bag and not an ink-bag.


It really doesn’t look like the 2nd type to me Walker. Or is it a highly different redesign of the 2nd design? That “air bag” is really confusing me. My previous cartridges - currently loaded with piezoflush is the 2nd design. This one looks exactly like whats described in the fill instructions:


However my new ones looks neither like first nor the second type:

viber%20image2 viber%20image3

True enough. We had to do some emergency iterations of our x880 cartridge designs a bit ago and this was what we settled on but the instructions were updated before this final design was even in our hands so it’s probably time I re-photograph and re-edit the instructions entirely. Truth be told this is the first time someone has brought this up to my memory. I think maybe I figured the “TOP FILL” note would be enough to get people to go to the TOP FILL instruction page (Page 6) . . . will re-photo/update when my task-list allows.

Thanks for bringing this up BTW. So many products to track that sometimes these things slip.


What the emergency of this iteration? I take it its a good design still? :slight_smile:

Regarding the TOP FILL note - I don’t see that anywhere in the instructions (yes its there in your attached PDF - it is NOT there in the later version of the document (1/30/2018):


For me when I read the provided printed instructions it is 100% clear that I have to go to page 2 (first style) - it literately states - “If you have the INTERNAL BAG style cart proceed to page 2”. Then afterwards it states “If you have the NON-BAG style cart proceed to page 6”. So I figured - “yep” - there’s a bag. That must be page 2 for me.

Anyhow I’ve used your guys products before so I’m used to the documentation, etc being a “moving target” - I totally get that :slight_smile: The thing that freaked me out was the statement about the bag having to be completely full. But now I shall treat my cartridges as the type 2 and get on with it. Thanks for the fast feedback.