7880 "Ink Low"



I have a 7880/Mac using K7 Special Edition inks. In the light-light black position, as you know, there is a flush fluid cart. I have a “ink low” light blinking for that position. There is plenty of fluid in it. I have used a chip resetter, added fluid, restarted the printer but nothing changes the blinking light.
How can I fix this?
Thanks for help,
Paul Kohl


Hi Paul,

I moved your post to a more appropriate location for your concern.

Does the Chip resetter give you a solid green light after blinking red?
Have you tried to reset other cartridges to see if the resetter is working correctly?


The chip resetter has a solid green light. I have used different chip resetters and believe that they are functioning properly. Still no change. I have put in a different LLB cart containing GO but the results are the same: blinking light. I reset that GO LLB cart but no love; blinking light.
Any ideas?


It could be a faulty Chip or a Chip Read Sensor that is not making good contact. Check with a flash light to verify the contact points look to be of equal length as the other chip read sensors.