7800 printing problem

Hi, I use a 4800 for colour printing, but one of the slots in ink bay has stopped recognising the cartridges, tried many cartridges and replaced the sensor, but no joy :frowning:

Picked up a 7800 which was supposed to have just black channel out, when I tried doing some cleaning routines and a nozzle check/purge file print I was getting yellow in most channels?

I installed new dampers, cleaned up the head and tried again. This time I was getting nothing on test prints even after a power clean.

I decided to take the print head from the 4800 which was printing ok prior to ink bay issue and install it in the 7800 as they are the same print head.

Did a super sonic clean and am getting some odd patterns on test prints?

The prints are bad with lots of banding, but what is strange is that the channels do not seem to be printing the correct colours?

I am beginning to suspect there may be another issue causing this?

Any suggestions?


You can view photos of test prints here

It look’s to me like your dampers are cross-contaminating.

  1. re-seat your dampers and re-seat the ink lines into the dampers (don’t thread the lock screws too hard).
  2. Do a power cleaning (not SSCL).


Apologies responding, first off I have already tried your suggestion without success, one thing I will note is that the printer does not make the same noise when printing as another 7800 I have recovered from non printing channels by cleaning and changing dampers.

The working one has smoother less harsh sound than the non working which is subject of this thread!

Though this all may be a mute point as tree crashed on the garage where i have this printer, it destroyed the roof sending dust and debris into garage, I have printer covered but it is covered in dust and bits tile and insulation.

Not sure it will now be worth going ahead and fixing it, may just break it for usable parts.


I suggest using it for parts.

The other possibility with this cross contamination is that the pressure pump is also un-even. Sound differences point to that.