7800 K7-SpecEd-PK-MASTER Gloss printing question



I noticed LLK (gloss) is printing with the other piezo inks and looked at the Quad file in text edit and it is included.

Is that intentional and if so to what purpose?

Printing on PK canvas and I can’t see bronzing but the ink looks a little light compared to printing on semi-gloss paper. Thought I’d try boosting the ink level in QTR unless I’m advised otherwise.


In fact this new gloss master DOES print just a little GO at the same time as the ink directly into the highlights but not into the white of the paper.

This is to enable printing on ultra-glossy papers (Canson High Gloss Premium RC for example) which need a double GO in only the highlight areas to have a good gloss differential.



Bringing this back Walker on another help question. Maybe I don’t use the right search terms but couldn’t get my answer in researching. I’m printing on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk. The gloss does print on the paper white in the first printing (using Sp Ed Master Pk) because I can see it. Almost gets right to the paper edge. No big deal there. My problem is when I apply the gloss after print drying. My paper settings are identical but the gloss doesn’t quite complete the entire image (about a 1/16th of an inch) and it is always the last part of the print. I’m using a 7800. I’ve tried setting the margins to 0 and the issue remains. I’m printing 12x18 on a 13x19 paper and the borders are all the same (.5") on each side of the print. Printing with the white square at 1440 bi directional GO3000 per Piezo Instructions.


QuadtoneRIP does not print full bleed. This is a limitation of the software. We are working on a solution to that at InkjetMall.