7800 Firmware issues

I’m rereading the Piezo manual and going through the checklist to hit the ground running when my Piezo SE comes in for my 7800.

In the Piezo manual it says to hold down all four buttons when turning it on to get to the Service Menu. I get a reading that says update the firmware. So I’ve gone through the Epson support site numerous times. Trashed my print driver and reinstalled. Confirmed the driver is updated. The Epson LFP Remote Panel shows up on my Printer Utility but it is not responsive.

I suspect its not the end of the world but I would like to do the initial ink fill procedure as opposed to purging inks and power cleaning.

I did a forum search for 7800 Firmware issues but nothing came up.


Also do you have a supplier to recommend to buy items such as dampers and other items that need replacing from time to time?

Compassmicro.com sells Epson parts.

To update the firmware, your printer needs to be connected to Ethernet (and to your computer’s home network), and the ethernet needs to be turned on from the control panel on the printer. Then Remote Panel will find the printer and you will be able to update the firmware.


Walker I need to replace the 5 pin connector in my LC slot on my 7800. It’s not recognizing my LC cartridge and with a flashlight I can see it only has 4 contacts while all the rest have 5. Epson Parts | connector, CSIC (ink cartridge) for Epson Stylus Pro 7800 - Stylus Pro 7800 - Inkjet - Products

It looks to me with a pair of long needle nose pliers it can be gently wiggled out then replaced. Want to give me some advice? I’ll do a search in the 7800 category as well.