7800/9800 Pressure Pump Cycling

Hi all! I have two different types of the refillable carts, the old bag-style and the new style with the fill on top. When I had the old bag-style installed in my 9800, the pressure pump would cycle on and off quite a bit when first turned on and even sometimes when not printing. I also would get slightly inconsistent nozzle checks. The carts are purged of air like they should be. This happened whether or not I had the o-rings installed.

I’ve now moved those carts to my 7800, and the pressure pump and nozzle check oddness has followed. Same thing with o-rings installed or not.

The new style carts don’t exhibit this behavior in the 9800.

The question I have is are the new carts much better at sealing and keeping air out than the old bag-style ones? If so, then I suppose I’ll have to replace them with the new carts.

I searched for a while to see if I could find an answer from a previous question but struck out. Thanks much!

Yeah, the new style carts have a better air inlet tube that seals well with the ink-bay in the printer. But you could also simply have a funky ink bay on your 7800 . . . this happens on that model.


I had a chance to transfer the ink from the old cartridges and fill the new ones yesterday. I can confirm that these new style carts don’t cause the 7800 to cycle the pump, so they must be sealing much better. Nice!