7600 will not accept K7 inks

I have just installed the QTR Print tool to my Epson 7600 and switched the Epson Inks to K7 inks. I am getting a message from the printer “wrong cartridge”. Has anyone had this problem. Do I need to do an INIT fill?

You may have the wrong black ink.

What I did (jeez about 15 yrs ago when I had this printer as a customer of IJM) was just pop the OEM chips off, reset them to full, and put them on the IJM carts. I had the wrong black ink at the time. This worked and QTR doesn’t require a specific black ink.


Thanks Walker. I installed the matt black k7 cartridge in the slot where I had the matt black epson ink. printing Maybe I should try the Epson cartridge with the other K7 inks. I’m a bit challenged when it comes to this kind of thing.