7600 vs 7800 re LLK


I have an epson 9800 using Conecolor Pro inks with Matt K ink. I do not print greyscale images on this printer as I have another 9800 running Peizography inks. I print thru StudioPrint v14. Would there be much/any disadvantage in omitting LLK, so that I could run Matt and Gloss on the same printer by putting the gloss ink in the LLK channel? Obviously , I write my own profiles thru StudioPrint.


I would test this on MK printing fist. Simply omit the LLK channel and re-linearize and then test-print.

FWIW the 9600 had only 2 blacks but the LK was slightly lighter than the LK is now in K3 printers. You may want to physically mix your LK with 25% (by weight) LLK if you are only going to print with 2 blacks.



Does this apply to your Conecolor Pro LK? I never used Epson K2 or K3


Yeah, put 25% ConeColor LLK into your ConeColor LK.



Can I do this by volume?


Yep. Just make sure to use the exact same flasks/graduated-cylinders each subsequent time you mix this ratio.