7600 Nozzle Check Issues - Clogs Rotate Amongst Ink Densities After Head Cleaning


I have an Epson 7600 with the basic K7 ink set. I just spent the morning cleaning my capping station, flushing box and wiper. I also used your technique to clean the front of the print head with the saturated paper towels rubbed back and forth. Last week I ordered a bottle of your Piezo Flush Solution and this is what I used as a cleaning solution.

It seems that my issues of plugs in my print head have mostly resolved, but now after running a nozzle test I am having issues with a few plugs in one particular ink density and then if I run a head cleaning it will resolve in that density of ink, but switch completely to another density. Do you think I should replace my wiper? I understand that Epson is no longer making this part, but that I can order an aftermarket version from China.

Do you have any other ideas to help me resolve my clogs. I greatly appreciate your time.


David Garden
Santa Monica, CA

Hi David~

The 7600 is an older model. Have the dampers been replaced within the past few years? If not, the set of dampers and wiper blade should be replaced for starters. I know many parts for this printer have been discontinued, but I believe you can still get dampers from www.compassmicro.com (though they list the wiper blade and other parts as “no longer available”), and we actually have a few 7600/9600 wiper blades available, but they’re not listed on our website, so you will have to call in to place an order for that item.

After reviewing your order history, I see you bought a set of refillable carts and Piezography Neutral ink in 2009, so your ink is very old, and I suspect your printer has spent some time sitting unused.
We have some helpful maintenance information here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Cleaning-and-Preventative-Maintenance
Infrequent use of the printer, and using very old pigment ink can certainly contribute to flow issues and particle build up in the dampers, not to mention settling of pigment when ink sits in an unused printer for a long time, which can cause the ink density to not be accurate, therefore your print output to look strange.

I hope this helps.
Best regards~ Dana


Thanks for your response. I will give Wells a call and see about ordering a new wiper from you guys. I wasn’t sure about the dampers, but I will replace these as well. I have owned the printer since 2007 and never replaced them. I am not really sure what they even do, but from your response, they must be important. I noticed that these are also available as aftermarket items from China. Let me know if you think it is necessary to purchase the OEM dampers from Epson?



Yes, absolutely change the set of dampers if they’ve never been replaced! Dampers are in-line ink filters that have a fine screen filter to catch particles and keep the print head working well. Over time, particle build up in the dampers cause problems like missing nozzles, inconsistent and eventually totally restricted ink flow. You can find good dampers from China, but it’s not a guarantee since there are so many companies, and the quality varies.

Best~ Dana :slight_smile: